Our Notices

Tenders & Purchase Notice:

1.Quotation: Supply & Installation of 2 HP 4 paddle wheel Aerator reg

2.Quotation for COB garden Lights

3.Quotation for Computer Table reg

4.Conservancy Manpower Supply Tender

5.Internet leased line for hotspot at variou locations in Ambaal Cantonment

6.Repair/Replacement of Streetlight

7.Catching & sterlization of Dogs

8.Plan design of Guest House

9.Maintennance of Horiculture work

10.Maintenance of Cantt Fund Roads

11.Tender Notice 14032018

12.Stitched Uniform Tender

13.LED WALL tender

14.Quotation for booksfor RootsPublic school & CB school(syllabus & Quantity)

15.Specification of Dental Clinic (Prefabricated Huts ) - for GEM

16.Ref Gem Portal Bid Number GEM/2018/B/44559 Dated 31.01.2018 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF MOBILE TOILET WITH 10 TOILETS ( 5 + 5= 10 SEATERS)

17.Repair of foothpath

18.Maintenance of CBA Lake

19.Improvement of footpath cycle track etc

20.Improvement to drainage RHA Bazar

21.Bricklining of gurguria nullah

22.Extension/Improvement of street lights

23.Improvement of foothpath/cycletrack

24.Various works:footpath,diggi beautification etc

25.Repair/installation of pumps

26.Corrigendum:Road sweeping machine Tender No: ACB/SS/TDR/2017/1163/1

27.Road Sweeping Machine -Re tender

28.Security Men tender

29.Renovation/Rehabilitation of 1.5 MLD sewage treatement plant

30.Improvement of horticulture works

31.several works

32.Repair/installation of submersible pumps

33.Maintenance repair to PCC road

34.Providing 62 Nos. Manpower for Conservancy Services

35.Providing Auxiliary Staff for Cantonment Board Dispensary-cum- Poly Clinic.

36.Supply of Mobile Bio Toilet van with 10 toilets ( 5 +5= 10 seaters)

37.Corrigendum:ref tender no. ACB/SS/TDR/2017/896 Tender id 2017_DGDE_213887_1 dt 16-06-2017

38.Corrigendum:ref tender no. ACB/Street/2017/888 Tender id 2017_DGDE_213626_1 dt 15-06-2017

39.Purchase and Maintenance of Road Sweeping Machine

40.Consultancy services for brick lining

41.Renovation/Rehabilitation of 1.5 MLD sewage treatement plant

42.Corrigendum:Ref Tender No :ACB/AE/TDR/2017/09 published on 14-05-2017

43.Hiring of Crawler excavator/Proclain for cleaning of Nullahs

44.Supply Installation and Maintenance of Surveillance Camera system in Cantonment Area.