Our Notices

Tenders & Purchase Notice:

1.E-Tender Notice No. ACB/AE/TDR/2020/917 dated 24th July 2020

2.E-Tender Notice No. CBA/STORE/TDR/2020/916 dated 24th July 2020

3.E-Tender Notice No. CBA/STORE/TDR/2020/912 dated 24th July 2020

4.E-Tender Notice No. ACB/AE/TDR/2020/802 dated 07th July 2020

5.E-Tender Notice No. ACB/AE/TDR/2020/722 dated 26th June 2020

6.E-tender Notice No. ACB/AE/TDR/2020/663

7.E-Tender Notice No. CBA/STORE/TDR/2020/649 dated 09th June 2020

8.E-tender for Repair/Installation of Hand Pumps and Construction of Dharmshala in Gurudwara Singh Sabha

9.Quotation Notice For Books

10.E-tender for bricklining of Ganda Nullah near SYL, Ambala Cantt (Portion)

11.Quotation for Supply and fixing of open air multi station Gym.

12.E-tender Notice No. ACB/AE/TDR/2020/121

13.E-tender Notice No. ACB/AE/TDR/2020/120

14.E-tender Notice No. ACB/SS/TDR/2020/119

15.E-tender for bricklining of Ganda Nullah near SYL, Ambala Cantt

16.Auction Notice for outsourcing maintenance and operations of Grace Banquet Hall at Jagadhari Road Ambala Cantt

17.E-Tender for laying of water supply pipe lines in RHA parade area.

18.E-Tender for Repair/Improvement to footpaths & Rainwater harvesting in Cantt area.

19.E-Tender for Providing Security men / Care taker to Cantt Board Office Ambala Cantt

20.E-Tender for Providing Manpower to Cantt Board Office Ambala Cantt

21.E-Tender for maint/Repair/Widening of Bank Road, BI Mess Road etc.

22.E- Tender for supply of electrical items and supply of generic medicines.

23.E-Tender Notice No. 1791 dated 05/11/2019

24.E-Tender Notice No. 1789 Dated 05/11/2019

25.Tender for maintenance and repair in Cantt Board Ambala

26.etender for providing manpowers for Cantonment Board Schools at Ambala Cantt

27.Supply and fixing of Crystal Jet type floating Fountain

28.Supply and Installation of M.S. Lighting poles

29.fabrication and supply of fencing

30.Supply and Installation of 250 Watt 3000 K Flood Lights with Osram LED

31.Quotation: Miniature Student Desk



34.Fabrication and Supply of backside fencing : for Park at Church Road Park Road Crossing

35.Buddha Sitting sculptures with rocks /japanese lights

36.Surya Namaskar Poses 5 sculptures quotation

37.Quotation for Abacus, calligraphy and dramatic education

38.Fabrications and supply of Office Table in Teak wood finish with melamine polish and Hettich fittings.

39.Supply & Fixing of open air multi station gym equipments

40.Renovation of toilet blocks and renovation of CB SChool

41.Quotation: Supply & Installation of 2 HP 4 paddle wheel Aerator reg

42.Quotation for COB garden Lights

43.Quotation for Computer Table reg

44.Conservancy Manpower Supply Tender

45.Internet leased line for hotspot at variou locations in Ambaal Cantonment

46.Repair/Replacement of Streetlight

47.Catching & sterlization of Dogs

48.Plan design of Guest House

49.Maintennance of Horiculture work

50.Maintenance of Cantt Fund Roads

51.Tender Notice 14032018

52.Stitched Uniform Tender

53.LED WALL tender

54.Quotation for booksfor RootsPublic school & CB school(syllabus & Quantity)

55.Specification of Dental Clinic (Prefabricated Huts ) - for GEM

56.Ref Gem Portal Bid Number GEM/2018/B/44559 Dated 31.01.2018 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF MOBILE TOILET WITH 10 TOILETS ( 5 + 5= 10 SEATERS)

57.Repair of foothpath

58.Maintenance of CBA Lake

59.Improvement of footpath cycle track etc

60.Improvement to drainage RHA Bazar

61.Bricklining of gurguria nullah

62.Extension/Improvement of street lights

63.Improvement of foothpath/cycletrack

64.Various works:footpath,diggi beautification etc

65.Repair/installation of pumps

66.Corrigendum:Road sweeping machine Tender No: ACB/SS/TDR/2017/1163/1

67.Road Sweeping Machine -Re tender

68.Security Men tender

69.Renovation/Rehabilitation of 1.5 MLD sewage treatement plant

70.Improvement of horticulture works

71.several works

72.Repair/installation of submersible pumps

73.Maintenance repair to PCC road

74.Providing 62 Nos. Manpower for Conservancy Services

75.Providing Auxiliary Staff for Cantonment Board Dispensary-cum- Poly Clinic.

76.Purchase and Maintenance of Road Sweeping Machine

77.Consultancy services for brick lining

78.Renovation/Rehabilitation of 1.5 MLD sewage treatement plant

79.Hiring of Crawler excavator/Proclain for cleaning of Nullahs