Top 10 Cartoons

1. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry are at the top of the list of India's top ten cartoons, as this series has been delighting us for over than 50 years, not only in India but also around the world.

2. Doraemon

This cartoon is based on a Japanese anime series that has been dubbed into numerous languages and has become well-known around the world.

3. Shinchan

Because of its amazing comedy, Shin Chan has emerged as the most popular animation among both children and adults.

4. Bean

Mr. Bean is a popular British animated television sitcom that debuted in 2002.

5. Oggy & the Cockroaches

Oggy and the Cockroaches is a children's animation series that originated in France and is now one of India's most popular cartoons.

6. Chota Bheem

Chota Bheem is a broadcast anime cartoon series about a youthful, brave, powerful, and intellectual village kid from Dholakpur who defends the villagers from intrigues, thefts, and other odd occurrences.

7. Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori is a Japanese anime series that was later adapted into a video game and an action film in 1981.

8. Motu Patlu

It is one of India's best cartoons, a favorite of today's generation of children. It was adapted from the Lotpot comic strip and first aired on broadcast in 2012.

9. Hagimaru

This is a popular Indian cartoon based on a Japanese Manga series. The fictitious protagonist Hagimaru first appeared in a Shogakukan magazine as a Corocoro manga series from 1985 to 1995.

10. Pokemon

Pokemon is among the most popular anime shows of all time. The word Pokémon is an acronym for 'pocket monster,' which is a Japanese term.