Top 10 Greatest Comedy Actors of Bollywood

1. Mehmood Ali

He was a multi-talented personality like he was a great actor, singer, director as well as producer famous for his comic roles in Bollywood films.

His full name is Govardhan Asrani is a most famous comedian of Bollywood industry.

2. Asrani

3. Johnny Walker

He was introduced by Guru Dutt in Bollywood. His role ‘Johnny Walker’ made him world famous in no time.

Kader Khan had excelled in the fields of comedy, scriptwriting, dialogue writing, and direction. He is a multi-star of India.

4. Kader Khan

5. Johnny Lever

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He has always been prominent for his unique comic roles and excellent performance.

Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jaffry, famous as Jagdeep, has been another fantastic and great comedian of the Indian film industry.

7. Jagdeep

8. Paresh Rawal

He has worked both as comedian and villain in Bollywood movies.

9. Rajpal Yadav

He has always been known for his trustworthy comedy style and entertaining performance.

10. Boman Irani

Boman Irani has not only been one of the most popular Bollywood comedians of all time, but also a great theater performer.